Manufacturer's Identity Code (MIC)
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Manufacturer's Identity Code (MIC)

A Manufacturer's Identify Code (MIC) is a unique code that identifies the manufacturer of a boat or vessel.  It forms part of the Hull Identification Number (HIN) which is a unique number that identifies an individual vessel.  It is highlighted in yellow in the example below:


Manufacturer's identity codes are crucial in the compliance, safety and security identification of boats in Australia and around the world.  All boat builders and dealers importing boats into Australia must include the MIC in the inscription of the HIN on each boat they build or import.

The BIAWA manages the registration and administration of Manufacturer’s Identity Codes in Western Australia.  Payment of a fee required to register a MIC.

Importers Application Form 

Manufacturers Application Form

Once you have completed the form please email the completed form.

To obtain a MIC, please contact us on or +61 8 9227 7899.