Hull Identification Number (HIN)
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Hull Identification Number (HIN)

A Hull Identification Number (HIN) consists of a unique series of letters and numbers as shown below. A vessel’s HIN can be displayed on a metal plate attached to the transom or it can be moulded or engraved on the hull.  Boat manufacturers have been required to mark all new vessels with a HIN meeting the required international standard (ISO 10087:1995(E)) since February 2001.



BoatCode Providers will issue boat owners with a HIN certificate which is required to have the number recorded on the vessel’s registration with the Department.  Registration details are used to update the HIN database.

How to get a HIN

People wanting to obtain or verify a HIN will need to contact a WA Department of Transport-approved agent, known a BoatCode Provider (usually marine dealerships or suppliers).  BoatCode Providers are located throughout the State and can:

  • verify a HIN on a new vessel;
  • attach or verify a HIN before a vessel is sold;
  • attach or verify a HIN before ownership of a vessel is transferred

A full list of BoatCode Providers is available from the WA DoT's website or by telephoning 13 11 56.  Payment of a fee is required to register a HIN.

What to do

Once a HIN Plate has been attached or verified on your vessel and the HIN Certificate has been completed, the provider will:

  • Issue the owner with a Duplicate (pink) copy of the HIN Certificate for vessel registration or transfer of
  • Forward the Original (blue) copy of the HIN Certificate, the “Application for a HIN” and “Proof of Acquisition” to the WA Department of Transport.

For vessel registration update or transfer of ownership, the Duplicate (pink) copy of the HIN Certificate must accompany the relevant forms for processing to the WA Department of Transport.