Australian Builders Plate

All boats built after the 28th of September 2006 are required to have an Australian Builders Plate (ABP) affixed to the vessel. 

 An Australian Builders Plate allows you to read and understand safety information relating to a vessel at a glance.  An ABP will tell you how many people can safely fit on board, the maximum outboard engine power rating and the maximum load a boat can carry when out on the water.

Who can supply the information on an ABP?

The information on an ABP can only be approved by one of 3 persons who must be a legal entity in Australia.

 1. The Builder
 2. The Importer
 3. A Competent Person - this is a person who has acquired through training, qualification, experience, or a combination of these, the knowledge and skills enabling that person to competently determine and approve the information on a builders plate.

Any person approving the information on the place is assuming responsibility for the information on that plate.

Do I need to put a Hull Identification Number on my boat?

A Hull Identification Number (HIN) is required to be placed on the vessel's ABP.  A HIN is required before you can register and insure the boat.

 If your vessel does not already have an approved HIN, a Hull Identification Number can be obtained from the Boating Industry Association Alliance who maintain a register of HINs issued.  HINs are issued through the Western Australian branch of the Boating Industry Association Alliance.  The contact details for the Western Australia office are:
 P: 08 9227 7899


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